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Posted by Andy on 2008-03-10 15:50:45 in reply to Delta Aerobatics posted by JerryInLodi on 2008-03-10 12:34:39


Scary stuff. Good thing you guys were around to help out and no one was seriously injured or worse.

Ouch! Brand new, $69K and totalled. Hope his old boat is a Ranger because if he finishes high enough in the FLW (Ranger founder) tournament he will get bonus money for fishing out of that mftr. boat. If not, he's SOL.

Lots of wrapped boats prefishing the Delta for the FLW NG tourney. If you are on the Delta, watch out those guys are moving! Only thing touching the water is the prop.

Do you think he will get warranty?

Boat Mftr. warranty (BMW) guy says: What happened?

Boat owner (BO): I hit a small wake a 18-foot boat in front of me put out and when I hit it (small wake)the transom failed and the motor fell off. That should never happen esp. on a brand new boat.

BMW guy: How fast were you going?

BO: Just before the accident, I glanced down at the speedometer and it was between 70 and 80 mph. I could'nt really see the speedometer that well because I had tears in my eyes from the air hitting my face.

BMW guy: 70 or 80 mph. What happened when you hit the wake?

BO: Um well aahh. As I hit the wake the boat momentarilly became airborne and when it came down it plowed bow first into the water and virtually caused the boat to aburptly come to an immediate stand still from (+70 mph to 0 mph). I was ejected from the boat and I heard a big splash near me ahead of the boat. I think that was the motor.

BMW guy: Do you think you were travelling at a safe speed under these conditions?

BO: The boat is brand new, I have a 250 HP outboard, High performance prop., the tach was not on WOT and I still had plenty of pedal for more. So no, I would say not.


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