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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2008-03-03 14:51:54

Hey Folks,

Lefty just called to let me know the score. He just got back from having an MRI of his right knee. He damaged it when he accidentally stepped off a fairly high casting platform, coming down with all his weight fully on the right knee.

The MRI shows severe damage to tendons and ligaments. He is going in Wednesday for a consultation before required surgery to make repairs. He expects to be recuperating for quite some time after the surgery. I suggested he look into having a complete knee replacement while he's at it and he is seriously going to ask about that.

Lefty wanted me to tell everyone just how much he appreciates all the concern and well-wishes. He knows he has a huge fan-club out there and he is grateful and honored to have it.

He has asked me to relay a request that folks do not send him cards or e-mails. First, he can't even get upstairs to his office to write or even surf the Web. It took him weeks to answer and respond to all the cards and e-mail he received back when he had his stroke. So please, don't send cards and e-mails to him. Post your well-wishes on the board and he'll be able to read them later.

Also, please don't call him. The phone has been ringing off the hook and he hasn't been able to get any sleep. He said he would call me with updates so I can post them on the board.

He sounds very well and in good spirits considering he'll have to undergo surgery in a short while.

He knows our prayers and well wishes are with him and he appreciates each and every one of them.


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