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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2008-03-01 15:51:00 in reply to Re: A few photos of Bill's trip to Australia posted by Carol on 2008-02-28 22:03:37


Thanks so much for responding to so many of the folks who posted about Bill. I know they all appreciate that you all took the time to read their thoughts, stories and prayers.

Your dad will be missed by a huge number of fly-fishing friends he made over the years, world wide. He left an indelible mark on all of us, especially me. We didn't always agree and we loved to banter and even argue about how it should be done; and he's changed my mind about something more than once and visa versa.

I'll miss those dinners we shared at the Sugar Barge, especially his incredible salads - his dressing (actually Gary's I think - from the restaurant), is my hands down favorite of all salad dressings. He sent me the recipe once but I think I've misplaced it. If you have it, please e-mail it to me.

There won't be a day goes by that I won't think of Bill, toast him with a cup of coffee, a soda or a good stiff, whiskey and ginger ale in the evenings after a good day's fishing the delta. The Sugar Barge Angler's Row just won't be the same without him but he'll be there with us in spirit and memory.



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