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Posted by Angel on 2011-08-31 20:01:47

So, I finally got a new engine for my boat and wanted to give it a test run(which I'm glad I did!! LOL) So I hit the Delta for a few hours.The water temps were in the low 70's and on my first stop I hit a 7lb pike minow(I think thats what it was!!) He was right up in the shallows and for a second I thought it was a striper. I decided to leave and hit my second spot and I realized I was losing power and my engine cut off!!! Son of a $%&#@!!!LOL I ended up flooding my carburator(the float got stuck) and I was now stuck!! I decided to justed troll all the way back(I have 3 batteries on my boat) but I was pissed because it was such a nice day.On my way back to the launch ramp I was passing by some spots I new and decided to fish a little. OMG!! I ran into no joke about 50yrds of fish that were eating schools of bait.I didnt realize what I stumbled into untill I hooked my 1st one and as I was releasing the fish I was drifting into shore and glanced over at the sonar.You could see the bait balls and the stripers in them!! need less to say I picked up a 7lber, a few keepers, and some shakers.I was tempted to drift back over them but not having a motor was a little scary so I decided to call it a day and get my boat back which I just got fixed today.

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