The perfect pliers, where art thou??

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Posted by Vince on 2011-08-29 08:09:32 in reply to inline or side cutters on pliers posted by van den berg on 2011-08-28 12:02:29

I found at World Wide Sportsman two years past the ALMOST perfect needle nose pliers (Browning $ 16.00). The pliers have a inline cutter, split shot crimper, mono/wire sleeve crimper, a spring to pop the jaws open and a lock to keep the jaws closed. There are small holes in each of the pliers' handles for a lanyard.

The pliers at the tip of the jaws have very small serrated groves that do not cut the tag end of mono/FC when you draw up a knot. Other pliers have very sharp serrations that will cut through the leader material before the knot seizes up properly.

I should've bought the remaining pliers as they (of course) are no longer available.

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