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Posted by joel n rosenthal on 2011-08-29 07:27:28 in reply to Re: Tanzanian Tigerfish posted by Greg Mau on 2011-08-29 00:51:24

I, too, have an Orvis Helios 9wt which is paired with a Nautilus NV8/9, and which has nicely acquitted itself against bones, permit and one small(30lb) tarpon , so far, in the Keys and here in Biscayne Bay. But the September Orvis printed catalog which I received last month no longer has the 9wt single handed Helios listed( 9 wt spey versions and Hydros yes, and on the website yes), so I assume it is being discontinued. Imagine my horror then a month ago when I overturned my sinkable motorized kayak in 6 feet of water while trying to avoid a manatee and watched my Helios and Nautilus(along with everything else) go into the drink untethered.I can report that the light weight of the combination, no doubt aided by the neoprene cover on the reel, allowed the combo to float for over an hour until the local constabulary dragged me out of the water, righted and helped bail my kayak, and then helped me paddle about to retrieve the wind and tide-scattered flotsam, including the Helios from my submarine excursion.So hang onto your 9wt-if the catalog is any indication, it is now a collector's item. Nice tigerfish, too, by the way-it's a wonder they haven't been introduced here as an exotic in South Florida.

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