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Posted by Lee-B on 2011-08-28 14:07:51 in reply to Not quite the same posted by LeeH on 2011-08-26 11:56:43

The great thing about that area is the verity of fishing you can do. There's a section with both banks covered with a ground cover that extends over the banks. A area where you can dip a fly on a carp feeding into the bank and a area that is lined with tree stumps to use as blinds to ambush carp as they move up and down the banks.

There are two area as well where you can get in 40+ foot casts to feeding carp and another area by the stumps that is usually gin clear water.

I find it much more of a challenge to sight cast to bubbles rather that a carp sighted in clear water. That fact that I must time the drift of the current and distance past and in front of the carp make hooking one a fantastic feeling. Really works on your cast ability.

And if one thinks they just flat there waiting to be hooked, they are after all still carp and spook at the slightest movement.

Hey, via la difference...................

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