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Posted by Michael Hopkins on 2011-08-28 06:40:54

Hi to all

I was wondering what the latest thoughts of the experts and experienced here are on lubrication for cork drags. The most recommended options seem to be:

1) pure neatsfoot oil

2) lubriplate/lithium grease

3) superlube/finish line teflon grease

4) cal's or shimano drag grease (possibly also teflon-based?)

...with or without graphite powder added.

Any preferences? The first is traditional and still recommended by Abel as far as I can see, the second is highly recommended by some reel repair guys but isn't Lithium water-soluble and hence prone to dry out if gotten wet? The 3rd & 4th look more modern and hi-tech but do their constituents do any damage to the bonding of the cork?

I also wondered if the same grease would perform well with exposed synthetic (teflon/rulon/carbon fibre) drags.

Thanks in advance

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