The Great SAGE ONE Pigout !

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Posted by GES on 2011-08-27 21:58:49

Well today was the day for the California Fly Shop advertised Pigout and also the local rollout of the new SAGE ONE and the new Bass line of SAGE rods courtesy of Jamie Lyle and Kenny Hanley.

As usual, Karen and Xavier and staff, put on a morning coffee and bagels etc, and for lunch was promised a spit rotated Pig feast, and suitable washdowns.

I thought I was going to be late for the festivities for several reasons, but as it turned out, I was the first of the day to get to cast a new SAGE ONE rod; a nine foot #9 to be specific, casting some species of RIO floating WF line, and correctly at the #9 weight specification. These rods are reputed to be fast, but still not the fastest in the SAGE family of rods. I don't like fast rods.

The rods clearly are light, and I had to pick up one sans reel to convince myself they are light. All I had as a reference was the new TFO BVK rods, which are also light.
So yes SAGE ONEs are light. Nicely appointed with quality hardware, as is SAGE SOP, and also a nice pretty black; translucent black I believe Jamie Lyle said. Your guess is as good as mine as to what translucent black means; maybe the light fades out gradually as it enters the blank, till it finally is all absorbed ! But the pretty is quite real.

The Pig evidently squealed a bit longer than normal, putting a delay in the loop, and some folks were a bit tardy in arrival, so Jamie delayed the formal presentation of the SAGE ONE story a bit so more folks could try out the rods some before hand.

So SAGE is pretty open about what constitutes Konnectic Technology; the secret of the SAGE ONE line, and Jamie's formal slide presentation, is pretty open Kimono, and they tell you what they do.
Well we all know about marketing buzz words, and techno-hype; we get inundated with it; specially here in Silicon Valley.

Well I don't care if they call it Amalgamese Tobunganate; what matters to me is whether there is anything behind it; is it real ?

Well in my view; based entirely on what the slide presentation tells everyone about Konnetic Technology; yes it is quite real. I'm not going to add my further brain cog machinations to what SAGE is willing to tell us about what they do. Marketing Hype or not, it is real.

So what about the rods. As I said, I don't like fast rods; but I cast the #4, the #6, #7, #8, and #9, all with correct weighted RIO WF floater lines, and I might add a goodly long tapered leader, and barbless, hookless fly.

Jamie claims there's a #10 and a #3 and of course there's a #5; maybe several, because I'm only talking about the nine footers, but I did see some folks casting some two handed rods.

One of the claims for the ONE is its straight line accuracy; and me being an expert at the shotgun scatter cast, immediately recognized that even my angular distribution range got curtailed, and after a lot of messing around, I could almost convince myself I was a good caster. They do cast straighter, and moreover, I was never conscious of the fact that they are fast rods. Well I didn't want to hog (as in Pig) the pond, so I had to come and go, so as to try a lot of the rods, with KH egging me on, and generally being helpful, in trying to get me to extract the best out of the rods.

Sorry I didn't get to try any of the BASS new series rods, which Jamie also described.

So don't ask me why these rods work as advertised. I'm sure I know; but what SAGE is willing to tell you is all you need to know.

They are also reasonably affordable for those who already buy SAGE top line rods. The mythical #10 which Jamie claims to have actually fished, so it exists, is around $735.

I'll have to win the Bill Keene rod at Striperfest to get one; but it is temptingly close.

If you can get near any of these rods, you should try them out. I liked them, all the ones I casdt; and I still don't like fast rods.


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