A big thank you to Dan! (MTFF)

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Posted by David Dempsey on 2011-08-27 09:44:06

Dan appeared last Tuesday at the Mt Tamalpais Fly Fishers monthly meeting to speak to our members.

Many many thanks, Dan

It was a great presentation! Great photographs. In fact, some truly stunning photographs. Informative!


We have had other "presentations"--and let this be a subtle hint--that were mostly guides and outfitters with a "Book me! Book me!" approach that was short on the "how to" or "when to go and where" that a lot of serious anglers like to hear.

Dan shared a tremendous amount of information, places to go--AND offered names of other guides and captains. There was also a pretty good question and answer period at the end of the presentation.

Dan, you seemed a little worried about the presentation running long? To hell with those guys that needed to be home on time ;-) Their loss! (we ARE over 18!!!)

Next month at MTFF--for all you North State anglers and especially steelheaders, is Mike Caranci from the Redding Fly Shop. I need to get all my facts in order but I believe Mike runs the guide and instructional programs for the Fly Shop and has promised to give us the skinny on the North State.

We are also reviving our "after meeting meetings" for those of you who can stay out late ;-)

The MTFF (usally)meets the third Tuesday of the month in the community room of the Corte Madera Town Center shopping center.

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