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Posted by GES on 2011-08-26 18:57:55 in reply to Re: Mako 9550/Tuna posted by Jim Williams on 2011-08-22 08:49:40

Well I never buy reels with less than the maximum capacity spool, made for them, so I have only the 8-10 spool (two of them) for my Mako 9500, and I also only have two of the 10-12 spools for the 9550. Three of those spools have 500 metres of the color coded Daiwa Saltiga backing on them (55#) and the other 9550 #12 spool has 500 metres of the 50# Bionic Braid (Pink Muck) on it. The 9500 spools are both used with sinking shooting head setups. Maybe with a full floating 8-10 fly line, the 9500 spool takes less backing; which is why I don't use it with a full floating line, or a floating head; just 30 feet of T-14 or a RIO #12 (500 grain) sinking shooting head.


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