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Posted by joel n rosenthal on 2011-08-25 20:41:16 in reply to New Abel Line Nipper - Built to Last Forever... posted by Ben Mintz on 2011-08-25 17:35:38

The press release is self contradictory: "remarkably guaranteed to last and cut forever" is inconsistent with
a " two year limited warrantee on the replaceable jaws"."forever" is limited to two years. There are plenty of tools and machines I own that will last "forever" with replacement parts. This rivals one of the original bullet points in Sage's original press release for "the One" rod which announced that for your $825 you also get a "hand sewn rod sock". Lots of Betsy Rosses in China(or Washington state?) sewing those bags....
Point of it is-I am sure they are good nippers, regardless of what you think of the price, just as the One is no doubt a lovely rod(disclaimer--I have 6 Sage flyrods)-but isn't some of this marketing hype a bit overblown?

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