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Posted by JM on 2011-08-25 17:14:55 in reply to When & Where??? posted by LeeH on 2011-08-25 12:00:57

Ahhhh my favorite fresh water fish. I'd love to see a salt water version of a "bugle lips". If the wind would stop for a couple days or even a week the Forebay has some biggies. I've seen a few in the "flats" that would easily go 30+ pounds.
I was fishing some top water along the tules by 152 and was casting to the log looking for a LMB but as the Dahlberg hit the water the log made a terrific swish. One hell of a big carp. It was definitely bigger than 30lbs.
Let's see, 30lbs, + 25lbs of weeds on a 6lb tippet and an 8wt. I lose


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