Terrific salmon and char in arctic Sweden

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Posted by Jeroen on 2011-08-25 16:11:44

I just returned from an incredible trip, organized by Klaas-Jan Gorter, owner of the Culex lodge in northeastern Sweden. Klaas-Jan is an Atlantic salmon addict, but he promised me another fishery that would blow my mind.
We started off on the Byskeälv trying out a number of salmon runs using 14 footers and Scandi-setup. A long awaited rain spell had set things in motion. The dormant salmon population had suddenly started to migrate. I was taking photos for my publications so I had to let the salmon fishing to the others. They didn't disappoint hooking and landing salmon and seatrout during all sessions with a climax on the very wet last evening, when Klaas-Jan caught two beautiful hen fish measuring over ninety centimetres each.
The second day of our trip Klaas-Jan took us to a nature reserve north of the lodge. The owner of the lodge had a very nice camp setup for us, with an original Same-tent to get out of the rain if necessary a small boat to explore the lake and a couple of belly boats. Our day on the lake was magical. We hooked arctic char in spawning colours to six pounds and very nice grayling. And all fish on dries and emergers.
If you find yourself in Scandinavia and are up for some very special and region specifical fly fishing, give Klaas-Jan a call and he will arange a trip of a lifetime.
Send me an e-mail if you want to know more.


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