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Posted by JC Smith on 2011-08-25 15:11:25 in reply to When & Where??? posted by LeeH on 2011-08-25 12:00:57

Lee, Grand idea! In contrast to others' experience, I am finding it best to fish mid-day. Mid day with a high sun you can see the fish rather than guess where they are. We are finding no shortage of actively feeding fish. Borrowing from phrases my fishing partner dug up in his research, we see tailing/mudding fish that are digging food out from under mud or rocks, hunters that are moving deliberately along looking for a meal in the open (think beagle searching for a rabbit scent), loafers/laid up fish, and circulators. The tailers and hunters are the least difficult marks. Some of the circulators at first can be mistaken for laid up fish, but once you see the difference, you can spot a fish that can be teased into a take. Thought yo umight like seeing the modifications made to the kayak I borrowed for my most recent trip. I stood up for most of a 7 hour float without incident. My partner's Freedom Hawk is sluggish to paddle, but ideal for our day long float/drift trips.
It sounds like you have a good opportunity to fish for bass and stipers on the edges of the day, and carp in the middle. Does the location of the fish throughout the Delta support this?

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