Hudson's first fish on the fly

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Posted by Tom Malech on 2011-08-24 23:41:44

I've been trying to get Hudson into his first fly rod fish for a while....just been looking for the right spot. I was going to take him to the delta this spring but we never found the time.

There is a pond near my grandfather's ranch in south San Jose we used to call Horio's pond, which is now part of the Coyote Creek County Park. I went by there yesterday and saw a lot of bluegill near the shore (lot's of nice bass too). I thought I would take him down this evening. With my old Sage SPL 1 weight in tow, we scampered our way down to the edge of the old gravel pit. As always, my nemesis the wind was right by our side, full frontal assault. I showed him how to roll cast a little popper and we had 4 or 5 exciting grabs, but no hook ups. I switched to a pheasant tail and they were all over it! 5 official fish to the bank and a "dad, fishing is cool" out of the boy...great stuff.

Here's the cool part. My first fish (full discloser on a worm) came from the same exact spot, with my dad, 40 years ago. See photo's.

I think dad enjoyed the evening more than he did :-)


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