Loomis Tracks All Xpeditor Rods

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Posted by Bob Laskodi on 2011-08-24 18:03:38 in reply to Re: Loomis warranty these days? posted by Grant on 2011-08-24 14:02:20

When I last replaced a Loomis rod using Xpeditor, Loomis had a record of every rod replacement I had done using Xpeditor. So, whilst they don't track rods by serial numbers, they do track all Xpeditor transactions. So if you've already used Xpeditor for that 9' 10 wt GLX, you won't be getting any more 9' 10 wt GLX's through Xpeditor! I asked the service rep as to how they know that I don't actually have more than one 9' 10 WT GLX (I actually do!) but I didn't get what I consider to be a good answer from them, as I have already replaced it twice (and they had records for it!)!

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