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Posted by Parker on 2011-08-24 15:34:27 in reply to A Surf Report posted by Loren E on 2011-08-23 15:24:34

That slashing boiling approach and retreat without taking happens often when fishing plugs like pencil poppers and spooks. A lot of times you'll get two, three, four attacks before hooking the fish. Which is why spin fishing is where it's at in my book. It's just so much fun to watch the fish explode on the plug. Sometimes you'll see the fish make a wake behind the wake of the plug, and then swirl as it turns away. Sometimes it just slaps the water behind the plug. I've fished up on a cliff looking down at the surf and you can see a few stripers come up from holds during a single retrieve to investigate a plug and then turn away from it. I think the striped bass has a lot of different ways of approaching. But it does seem like with flies it's usually a grab and that's that, not much histrionics until after it's hooked.

Why don't you use something like 30lb test in the surf? Gotta be ready for the big one.

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