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Posted by GMan on 2011-08-24 12:02:53 in reply to Re: Compare that to Sage... posted by Phil Brna on 2011-08-24 11:40:46

I hope that changing their warranty policy has helped the G. Loomis bottom line enough to warrant ticking off a whole lot of customers in this relatively small market. I just got back from the Keys and this subject happened to generate a pretty lively discussion at the dock for a bunch of fishermen - mostly fly fishermen. We were discussing the high prices of premium fly rods when the Loomis warranty thing came up.

This was a group of about 30 fairly young and hardcore fishermen most of whom used Loomis rods. Many were hearing about the change in warranty policy for the first time and began saying they would be "done" with Loomis. Without a doubt Loomis rods are very popular down there but only a couple of these guys had ever had a rod replaced under warranty. All of them agreed that if they break a rod and have ANY problem with warranty they'll be through using Loomis equipment.

A couple of the guides who store their customers' equipment between trips said (that as expensive as Loomis was getting to deal with) they preferred their customers take their equipment with them when they left. The guides didn't want to be responsible for something getting broken. They said this did not go over well with the traveling fishermen/customer. All agreed with what I've read on this board. Don't sell a product under one warranty and then change your warranty policy. I hope a great company like G. Loomis doesn't max profit themselves out of business - unless they deserve it...

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