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Posted by Sakari Siipilehto on 2011-08-23 08:44:32 in reply to Mako 9550/Tuna posted by Dave S. on 2011-08-21 19:55:43

It will be just fine. At least with the 1012 spool and gsp backing rigged properly. I haven't given even close to that amount of line to a tuna, but I do fight quite hard, which is quite much easier with a Mako than other reels I've had my hands on.

I personally prefer the next size up, the 9600B, which is perfect size for my liking. I've got two, one with standard drag (on which I also use the spey spool for salmon fishing on a DH rod) and one that Jack did his magic on to make it a bit different... :-)
Those work like a charm on tuna, here is one just past the 50lb limit:
(I hope I don't break the rules by linking, the picture is of me and taken by a friend of mine)

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