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Posted by Andrew S. on 2011-08-23 07:03:03 in reply to Re: Airflo's new Bass/Muskie line posted by Dan Blanton on 2011-08-22 23:28:34

Hi Dan,

I definitely wasn't questioning the value of up-lining. I do it now and then, and always with shooting heads. And I can understand lines that are weighted, say, a half-line up.

I guess I was wondering about a line that would "automatically" (meaning changing the label on the box) be up lined by a whole weight (or by two), because then basically, what they're calling a 7 is really just an 8, and somebody could just buy the 8. Obviously, that wouldn't be possible with steps of less than a whole line weight. I think you had said something in the earlier post about wondering why some of the manufacturers didn't automatically up line by more than a half weight. That's what sparked my question.

Personally, I've always thought it might be nice if we all just learned to think in grains instead of line weights. I guess that's probably overly complicated for what most guys are looking for, but if we did it that, then people would no longer get their panties in a bunch about always matching line and rod weights.

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