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Posted by Jim Williams on 2011-08-22 13:14:41 in reply to Re: knots for fluorocarbon posted by Michael Hopkins on 2011-08-22 10:10:30

I've used Loon UV and several brands of superglue and not been real happy with any of them. Gary Selig, the "leader man" uses Miro superglue (thin version) but applies it after the knot is closed down. I've settled on Knot Perfect as it forms a much smaller knot when done and seems to hold very securely. I use it primarily on heavier material (connecting 40# SeaGuar Blue Label to 30# Blue Label, etc.) Once I get below 20# I don't use any lubricant at all, at least not normally. See my post lower down on this thread to see a description of closing knots when dry, which is actually Bill Nash's method.

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