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Posted by nassimjoaquin on 2011-08-22 12:29:21 in reply to Re: Mako 9550/Tuna posted by Brian Horsley on 2011-08-22 10:00:26

What has happen with Mako reels now that Mr Charlton is gone? Is production still on? I ask because I convinced a friend of mine from Mexico City into buying one in the late winter of 2011. He talked to Jack himself and he told him to wait for the production of the reel (It was a small reel for flats fish I cant tell wich one). As the reel was not available. But then sadly he passed away. And my friend said he is not sure if his reel is comming or not. I told him to contact them again. I am not sure if he did or cancel the order.

But what do you know? Is there stock from the reel's Jack did himself? Or not that many? Will the company continue in business?

Nassim Joaquin

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