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Posted by Michael Schweit on 2011-08-22 08:33:51 in reply to Mako 9550/Tuna posted by Dave S. on 2011-08-21 19:55:43

I have fished for albacore and yellowfin since 1994 and have never had one take me so far into the backing that I feared the loss of the fish (I do that on my own). The early years, I used a Scientific Angler 7/8 with 30# Dacron for backing. I now use a Tibor Riptide with GSP and it has never been an issue. More important is the ability to back off the drag on the first run as there is a lot of line drag in the water and it becomes surprisingly easy to break 20# tippet. After that first run, having a drag that is easy to adjust is quite nice. I would opt for large arbor as it helps in that death spiral and lifting.

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