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Posted by GES on 2011-08-21 21:33:47 in reply to Mako 9550/Tuna posted by Dave S. on 2011-08-21 19:55:43


A Mako 9550 (Large Spool) will hold 500 metres of 55# Daiwa Saltiga GSP backing, plus any kind of fly line system you would likely use for tuna.

Other GSP backings will likely take more space, but I am sure you can get at least 400 yds of anything that is rated at 50# or so.

The Mako 9500, and the 9550 have exactly the same line capacity, but the 9550 will give you a better retrieval rate.

Either one will handle what you would likely run into.


PS the 9550 probably has a bit more drag than the 9500. I can easily run my 9500 up against the stop all the time, and fish will still pull line off. The 9600 and 9700 are a different story though, as far as drag goes. They have enough for anything up to a Los Angeles class submarine.


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