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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2011-08-21 11:32:01 in reply to Re: Flying to Loreto posted by Grant on 2011-08-21 10:14:24


The Majors have plenty of maintenance problems too. Look at how many of them have had complete no-fly shutdowns until the entire fleet was inspected. I've sat on runways for as long as two hours waiting for a part, almost missing a connecting flight (more than once) - with the big three.

But I agree those small shuttle planes are getting a huge workout these days.

On this last trip down to Loreto, the Captain turned the plane around an hour into the flight because of a high temp engine oil indication on an engine oil temp gage. It wasn't in the red line but he wasn't taking any chances. The second plane was grounded because of some wires that were found dangling from somewhere aft by the pilot during his walk-around inspection. I wouldn't call those two captains unprofessional. As for your case, the plane may have been past the point-of-no-return...

Good luck to us all on all of our flights.


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