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Posted by Grant on 2011-08-21 10:14:24 in reply to Re: Flying to Loreto posted by Dan Blanton on 2011-08-20 11:57:31

I wish I could say that was suprising for Horizon these days, but it is more in line with some of my experiences of late than I wish it was. I have to travel pretty regularly for work, and have for many years flown Alaska/Horizon almost exclusively. Last year I had three incidents with them involving significant mechanical issues and the Q400. On one flight in particular, on a connection from Portland to Medford, Oregon, we departed after spending an hour sitting on the flight line while they working on something in a plane only for it to smell of fuel mid flight and begin making a horrible racket in the right wing (I know jack about aircraft, but let's just say that if it was my car I'd have pulled it over immediately if it started making a sudden noise like that). We made it, but that's not the point.

If you look at air line it's the small regional carriers that have the bulk of the problems. Aircraft maintenance concners aside, those same regional carriers tend to have far less rigourous requirements for pilots in terms of experience than the majors. And, on a turnaround in Mexico, isn't it a Mexican crew doing whatever work needs to be done (yes, I am implying they do not necessarily have as stringent of safety standards there...see every taxi and/or panga you have ever ridden in down there for example).

I have always thought Alaska/Horizon provided great service and safe transport. Over the last year, my opinion on that has changed, though. I am still planning on flying to Loreto next year, but I have to say that the prospects of doing it on a Horizon operated turboprop does not have much allure given my last few flights with them.

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