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Posted by Michael Hopkins on 2011-08-21 08:12:52

I want to see what people here think about the best way of knotting fluorocarbon for hooks, loops and line joins.

I have many years of light tackle fishing behind me including knotting mono, wire and various braids. I generally use 4 or 5 turn grinner/uni knots for hooks and swivels (or Lefty's non-slip loop if I want a loop connection), triple surgeons or perfection loops (or bimini twists where strength is really crucial e.g. class tippets), Lefty's figure-of-8 for braided wire, Albright for joining differing lines, double grinner/uni or 4 turn water for joining similar ones.

Testing the wet knot strength of these connections in mono, braids and wire doesn't usually provide any nasty surprises as long as the knots are formed and finished carefully. However, this is not the case with fluorocarbon in my experience, with 4 brands tested so far. This is reducing my interest in fluoro despite the obvious advantages of near invisibility and higher density than water - I'm not sure if the advertised 3rd advantage of 'higher abrasion resistance than mono' is true or just marketing guff.

Any thoughts?

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