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Posted by ray hafsten on 2011-08-20 07:23:51 in reply to Bug Dope posted by Bennett J. Mintz on 2011-08-19 20:38:11


My experience in Andros... MosQs, Doctor Flies, noseeums/sandfleas...First the BuzzOff type clothing and I get the spray can of the active chemical at BassPro/Worldwide Sp and also treat extra clothing before going...also treat a pair of light cotton socks...then exposed skin 3M Ultrathon. I would not venture into the bug venue without the treated clothing.
The treated shirt, pants, hat and socks work for me...after fishing and indoors with screens but not noseeum screens. never have had the pleasure of noseeum proof screams on Andros...that's when I use the Skin So Soft stuff just for does not work on the others for's usually what happens to's always after the day of fishing usually the first day...nothing during the day with all the chemicals on me...then after the shower outside... the sunset... the drinks and no chemicals or chemical clothing on just the shorts, Tee and flipflops...I'm hit a couple of times by the doctors whilst knocking them hit a few more times by MosQs...and then it's tooo late I been hit dozen or more noseeums...then dumb ass remembers last year...back inside carrying a few inside...the treated cotton long sleeve Tee...treated pants...Ultra and Skin so on ankles and SkinSo on nexk face...back out to finish the drinks before eats...

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