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Posted by Bob on 2011-08-20 00:49:45 in reply to Re: Bug Dope posted by Bennett J. Mintz on 2011-08-19 22:36:19

Hi Ben,
Where are you off to? I was just over at Kaiser Woodland Hills getting updated for a 4 month trip to SE Asia next Spring.
Kaiser suggests 20-40% DEET and says nobody should use 100% DEET which I do. Slow-release formulas below last longer and are safest for children and pregnant women.
Sawyer Controlled Release 20% DEET lotion (from Kaiser Pharmacies).
Ultrathon insect repellent by 3M (available by mail from sources below).
For extra indoor protection where rooms are not well screened or air conditioned Kaiser suggests using a pyrethrin room sray such as Raid House & Garden bug killer.
Permethrin (spray or solution) works well on clothing, bed nets and tent screens and is very safe for children and pregnant women. Fabric treated with the solution kills insects for months. Despite repeated washings. The spray lasts for two weeks. For trips longer than one month use the solution instead of the spray. Kaiser suggests the following;
Sawyer Permethrin Spray or Permakill concentrate.
Repel Permanone spray or solution.
Oulston's Duranon tick repellent spray or solution.
These products are available in sporting/outdoor stores (Sport Chalet, REI. A16)
Or by mail from TravMed: 800-872-8633
Or by mail from Chinook: http// 970-374-1241
You probably wanted a short answer. Missed you at the SPFF picnic!

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