Don't forget the noble trout

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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2011-08-19 19:32:12

Just thought I'd post a couple pics from a recent camping trip into the Sierra's because, well, I haven't seen many trout reports lately.

Including a couple pics of a gorgeous, jet black black bear that wandered down on the opposite bank, waded thru the elephant ears into the pool below me and proceeded to swim, splash, bite and slap the water, and essentially play in the water for the simple enjoyment of it. Really fun to watch. When he got out and sensed I was there, he shook himself, and then sat down as if trying to figure out what I was about. My little point & shoot was max'd out into the digital zoom so the pics are fuzzy but you can still tell it's a bear. Also saw two gray foxes (one with a ground squirrel meal), a doe and her fawn with a few spots left, several ospreys feeding young, garter snakes and two really pretty alligator lizards (pic shown). It's a great time to be in the Sierras.

Oh yeah, made friends with a beer distributor from Oregon in the campground and you know that's always a good thing.

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