Re: What's your favorite HOT weather shirt?

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Posted by Ben L. on 2011-08-18 07:38:02 in reply to Re: What's your favorite HOT weather shirt? posted by JC Smith on 2011-08-17 21:43:11

JC whatever works for you is best ;). I'm offering my experience which I've found overwhelmingly positive - when I wear the Omni-Freeze fabric to me they feel far cooler than any cotton wear I've ever tried especially if there's no breeze blowing. I find cotton becomes soaked and clammy, clinging to my skin and makes me uncomfortable. The newer hi-tech fabrics IME dry quickly and feel cooler - I believe they have better heat transfer than cotton. I'm always trying new stuff, whether it's a new rod, new reel or new fabric to see if something works better than what I have.

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