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Posted by ray hafsten on 2011-08-17 12:16:16 in reply to What's your favorite HOT weather shirt? posted by Kyle M. on 2011-08-17 11:38:47

KM: I fished KW 4 and five days this year... glass calm and hotest ever because of no's my take for a 70 yearold 6' 210...I have my old Simms TarponWear, New Simms, Columbia, Patogonia, with button and and crew Tee type primarily synthetics but one cotton...all bought on sale or closeouts...the best was the XXL (all the rest are XL) Columbia nylon because it was super loose and did not cling...the most trouble free were the Simms Hoodies with attached "Buff type" in white got on sale Leland/RedTruck but they were just XL..,if they were XXL they would be perfect for's draping/hanging loose that was the most comfortable for me in those conditions not the fabric composition...and I was sweating and consuming one quart Gator and three liters of water each day AND never pissed once during the 7-8 hours one the water and I've got a 70 plumbing system suggestion get two sizes larger than your usual and look for closeouts of the top brands or the store private labels BassPro...etc...

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