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Posted by Michael Hopkins on 2011-08-16 08:53:03 in reply to Re: Affordable quality fly reel for bigger inshore and smaller offshore posted by ray hafsten on 2011-08-16 08:12:23

Thanks for the input Ray.

yes I chose the TFO axiom on the basis of many good user reports about both casting and toughness - plus the lifetime warranty - and it doesn't cost much more than a basic blank. In the future I would certainly consider an Xi3 when funds allow and if I make this type of fishing a bigger part of my life and feel the extra $ is justified in terms of fishing ability/pleasure.

Re: lined guides I don't like snake intermediates and tips - I think the rod casts better and fishes smoother with lined rings throughout and I think this is a common perspective in the UK where snakes are called 'paper clips' :o) I take your point about the fragility of the linings - will make sure I use good quality ones and take some spares. I have seen the recoil rings wear through _very_ quickly; not sure if they are still the same design but these ones were apparently softer than hard chrome snakes.

Good point about the Abel medium arbor reels, there certainly seem to be plenty of them on eBay will keep a careful eye out for that model. At the moment the other options are (1) the Sea Level Tempest that Dan mentioned which everyone seems to love although it might be a little small for a WF11F if I decide to upline the Axiom (2) The Colton reels (CRGII or Torrent) though the Torrent will be a little heavy for blind casting I think (10.7oz) it's meant to be a bullet-proof monster. (3) trying to find Solitude 5 but none on eBay and their website doesn't work for me for some reason?? Goes into an infinite loop. (4) Teton seems to be making reels again but an email to them has not yet been replied.

Don't think I will be flying the Jolly Roger on my reel anytime soon, but each to his own!

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