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Posted by Deano on 2011-08-15 15:57:10 in reply to Deano and Loomis Warranty posted by Deano: Loomis Warranty on 2011-08-11 14:52:53

The one time replacement (Xpeditor) now means that you'd better not break a rod more than once. A fisherman that I talked with told me he was quoted $335.00 for a repair of a GLX CC. He told Loomis to keep the rod and he bought a new rod from a different company. I don't care for a company that changes their warranty policy AFTER I've bought several of their rods - partly because of their once great warranty policy. BTW, I've never had to use the Loomis warranty but I had a fishing buddy who did a few years back and he was totally pleased. He received a replacement rod at a remote destination within 48 hours using the Xpeditor. Now I hear the $335.00 story and am a bit disappointed. Just My .02...

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