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Posted by David McKenzie on 2011-08-15 12:49:19 in reply to Delta Carp???? posted by Dave on 2011-08-12 13:16:34

Hey Dave, There are carp all over the Delta but my success has been away from the main river. The soft dirty water backwater areas increase your odds of connecting three fold. Its tough to present a fly to Delta Carp from a boat. Not impossible but boat position and presentation has to be has to be dead on to consistantly get them to eat. A friend of mine will scout holding water and stake or anchor on a flat they are using at low tide. He catches more Carp on fly out there than anyone else I know. These are active feeding fish that are tailing or mudding. Layed up Carp sunning on the surface are a waste of time in my opinion and I never cast on them. You can bet those fish are close to there food source. Find that and wait them out. They are really sensitive to pressure and casting on non feeding fish will ruin an area.

There is a TON of backwater and dead end sloughs with excellent access where you can get a ton of low tide shots on tailing fish and you'll likely have them to your self.

Have fun!

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