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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2011-08-15 12:37:54 in reply to Affordable quality fly reel for bigger inshore and smaller offshore posted by Michael Hopkins on 2011-08-15 08:57:06


I've never been a "by used anything" consumer - well once I did purchase a use rotor-tiller and it was a good buy. I want to start out with no issues and a warranty, so I almost always purchase new.

Without going into a long dissertation as to why, Here's few suggestions of reels in the "affordable" range that will hold up to anything you will put them against.

1. Sea Level Tempest II - I rate The Sea Level Tempest series as one of the best cork-disk drag reels available. I own several and have fished them world-wide for years and they've never let me down.

2. I just returned from Loreto, Baja Mexico where I tested the Solitude 5 for several days catching dozens of big, Black skipjack - which are one of the toughest fish in the ocean - theses ran from 3 to around 12-pounds. The Solitude performed flawlessly, a superbly smooth disk drag. This reel is made in the same machine shop as the Charlton MAKO.

3. Another fine, hearty reel with all the best of high-quality design and function is the Redington Delta. Again, I've fished this reel hard and it will hold up to all your expectations.

All three of these reels sell for under $300 US I believe but they will perform as well as most reels twice their cost. They also come with superb warranties.

Yes, these companies are sponsors of my website but like I've always said, if I don't have something good to say about a product, I won't say anything at all. Sponsor or not, I wouldn't promote them if they weren't up to my personal standards of performance.

Of course there are other great reels in the same price range, but these are the ones that I've personally put through the "riggors"...

For more details on these reels, go to their websites, hot link banners above.


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