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Posted by Marcus S on 2011-08-15 11:39:14 in reply to 81.88 lb Striper, an update posted by Corey Cate on 2011-08-12 15:19:08

It is starting to seem like this fish is not BS! I wasn't expecting it to get submitted to IGFA, some of the articles I read the guy was quoted as saying he wasn't interested in the record, and that was a huge red flag for me. Enters a "kill the biggest striper" derbies for money and recognition, but NOT interested in the all tackle world record?

As more and more photos are released it seems like it is a true monster, they are just absolutely horrible photos!!! In almost every shot he is either holding out the fish weird (he must be an extremely strong guy to hold that fish out away from his body), or angling the fish draping it over his leg, totally killing the scale of the fishes length relative to the anglers body. Or with the cooler and the truck bed in the foreground, also killing the scale of the photo.

The lack of a released photo of the fish hanging vertically on the scale, with the angler standing next to the fish was also extremely fishy to me...particularly given that this fish was entered in a derby. That is sort of the standard way to document a dead fish since Hemingway and Zane Grey?

Seems legit though the way this is playing out... just wish there were better photos showing off the magnitude of that monster.


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