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Posted by Ben L. on 2011-08-14 21:45:56 in reply to Re: Possible World Record Striper? posted by Ross Kessler on 2011-08-10 19:32:49

I don't see where anyone was talking about fly versus spin.

Kind of far fetched to draw a comparison to Michael Jordan. Catching a world record is as much about luck as preparation. Not everyone can get to where record fish are accessible, and frequently catching a record fish is as much about being on the water long enough to finally hook up with one. World records are admirable and worthy of congratulations, but if you wish to draw comparisons to Michael Jordan a more analogous arena to draw from would be tournament fishing and that is rife with problems too as there is only 1 NBA but multiple fishing tournaments, fresh water, saltwater, different species. As an example, George Holland Jr. holds the world record for tarpon on a fly at 202# which arguably is more difficult than the striper record as plenty of men have hooked a 200 plus # tarpon but until George none haven't been able to finish the job of landing them - but no one would, including George Holland, say that he is the Michael Jordan of tarpon fly fishing or the best tarpon fly angler...that accolade more likely this year belongs to Greg Smith who won all 3 major tarpon fly tournaments and in years past belonged to Dave Dalu or Andy Mill.

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