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Posted by John McMinn on 2011-08-12 21:46:45 in reply to Re: BUFF modification photos posted by steve on 2011-08-12 12:07:47


Thanks for sharing this idea. Here's another design mod I've been considering and will execute before my next warm water trip.

When I pull my Buff all the way up for max coverage my breathing fogs my sunglasses. It is so bad when sightfishing that I sometimes just can't wear it that way. I've tried modifying my breathing, etc. but instead I'm going to try a small mouth hole.

I've decided that I'll start with a small button hole and see if that lets out enough steam. I'll enlarge it from there as needed.

The disadvantages I can imagine are that it becomes somewhat more difficult to put one so the hole is in the right spot, the hole is subject to wear and tearing and of course if the hole gets too big - that I get burned through the vent.

Has anyone else solved this problem?


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