Loreto in June

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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2011-08-12 18:42:24 in reply to Loreto Fishing Report From Aug 2nd thru Aug 10th posted by Ted Krishisky on 2011-08-12 16:57:23


Sorry to hear you had such bad luck on Sailfish and Dorado. With all the warm weather and warm water Loreto received in early June, I can certainly understand why most of the Sailfish left.
When I was there towards the end of June, I think it was my first or second day I trolled up 3 Sailfish and landed one, however I did spot over 20 that day. One day about a week later I spotted two more and cast Crease flies at both of them, I landed one and broke the other off, however both of them ate my flies.

As far as the little Roosters, I think on my best try I caught a dozen on cast flies. After you found them and got them fired up and zipping around, the rest was pretty easy. I found when I was there it was a silver Crease fly, with 20-pound Seaguar leader was the ticket for us. What fly did you find worked best for you?

I hope next year works better for you.

Carl Blackledge

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