Loreto Fishing Report From Aug 2nd thru Aug 10th

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Posted by Ted Krishisky on 2011-08-12 16:57:23

Just returned from Loreto and thought it might be useful to let some of you know how it was in early August.I never made a cast to a single dorado.My captain landed four small ones in 7 days of fishing trolling feathers.I was mainly searching for billfish and had one hit to my teasers using the bait and switch method.I saw two others,one tail and one jump and did see one marlin basking on the surface.Our usual day started off with the captain trolling for dorado or skippies.I wanted their bellies for bait and let him keep the dorado that he pulled in.I had my fly ready to cast to an amigo but that never happened one time.We then trolled for billfish for 3 to 4 hours and then went fishing for pez gallos (roosters).I did land 14 small one using the method of having the marinero spin cast a pencil popper with me casting on top of the chasing rooster.Thar was fun.

We never saw any sargasso and sardinas were scarce;some anglers wasted an hour and a half trying to get some.My captain (Sergio)was excellent.He did everything right.We normally came back after fishing 7 to 8 hours and tavelling over 80 miles a day.He never lost a single live sardina that I was aware of.

As usual,The Oasis was excellent,The water surface temperature measured 82 degrees so that wasn't a problem.The bottom line is the fish that were there two to three weeks ago were now somewhere else but that's fishing not catching.

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