Flying from Canada with flies

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Posted by Ted Ruffner on 2011-08-11 14:06:24

Do Not do it! I flew into Canada with four boxes of trout flies in my carry on. Last week when I was leaving Calvary,AB, Canada TSA would not let me take my #20-#2 flies in my carry on. They allowed my big SAGE rod tubes, but not my flies. I had to put them into a UPS self serve box at security with my info and yes I got them back today. COST 85.00 Canadian. I asked to see the regs and the regs say no fish hooks, so I was toast. FYI.
Hey, I am going to Silver Salmon Lodge on the Cook Inlet first of Sept. Any suggestions on flies or gear I have never fished for that fish. I guess they have some dollies too.
Thanks, Ted aka U.P.!

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