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Posted by Craig on 2011-08-09 21:15:39 in reply to Book/DVD on Spey Casting posted by Dale M on 2011-08-09 17:34:05

Save your money. Instead, try to make it to one of the Speyclaves. Gary Anderson has one scheduled in Ashland soon. The Shasta Fly Fishers had one recently, the Speyorama is next April at GGCC and the Sandy River, OR Spey Clave mid May lasts three days. For the daily price of admission ($5) to a county park, you get free meals, soda and water. Nice thing about these spey events is you have more than enough choices of rods to try out. The Welches' Fly Fishing Shop puts this event on every year and had Sage, Loomis, Beulah, TFO, Winston, Echo and Gary Anderson rods to try out on the Sandy River. They have line manufacturers reps on hand to answer questions as well. The list of presenters throughout the day on the river is impressive to say the least. The folks that you meet are a wealth of information. It is very relaxed and there is no pressure to sell you anything. Simms even had waders to wear down to the river, if you didn't bring any. You can walk in not knowing any of the vernacular and leave with a pretty good concept of spey. Rio's video is pretty good. Anything with Simon Gawesworth is worth owning, but you can check both him and Jeff Putnam out on youtube. Dec Hogan's book is good as others have mentioned. Best bet is to a get a rod in your hands with a good instructor or guide and on the water.

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