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Posted by henry cowen on 2011-08-09 18:27:25 in reply to June in Chatum, MA posted by Tom Malech on 2011-08-09 15:49:37


June in Cape Cod is THE TIME to be on the cape. Figure lots of sande eels in the 1"-5" length. You might want to bring some crabs with you too as you can site fish the flats in June as well. There are many great places to look to find fish. If you email me I will give you some places to look as spot burning on these sites is a no-no. Intermediate lines are going to be your best bet. I would being a floater too. A pair of waders as the water temps are still cool in June. Weather can be 75 degrees during the heat of the day or 55 degrees. Dress for both. Also bring a stripping basket. It is a wonderfully magical place to be in the late spring for stripahs and racer blues. HC

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