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Posted by Jonny King on 2011-08-09 09:15:10 in reply to Advice for a 2-Handed Overhead Rod posted by Steve A on 2011-08-08 15:22:09

I've tried and fished a bunch for stripers and some tropical species (TFO, CND, Loomis), but by far the nicest and the one I stuck with was the Beulah 7/8 surf rod. Light, strong, easy to cast, etc. It might be a little heavy for your application, because it likes a 9-10 Outbound Short, but I've caught lots of mid-sized stripers, ladyfish and the like on it, and if felt just right. I haven't tried rods smaller/lighter than that, but I do know Beulah also makes some lighter switch rods that also overhand well, and they are in a reasonable price range.

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