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Posted by Jonny King on 2011-08-09 09:11:39 in reply to Re: Transparent tying fibers posted by JM on 2011-08-08 13:09:02

JM -- you are no doubt right, and I've never found any consistency to these kinds of fibers. Some are wavy, some straighter, etc. And some colors just tend to be "kinkier" (pardon the expression) than others, so I just grab the stuff that looks best. But they all work, and have their applications. There's another fiber out there sold by Brad Buzzi (a friend who ties at a lot of Eastern shows) which is a tiny bit finer and very, very shiny and see-through, and I think he gets if from Europe? I also remember that when "Kinky Fiber" first made it to market as a fly-specific material, it was promoted has having been "treated" somehow, but who knows if that's true at all. I also remember (Henry may recall too) that the guys from Staten Island in NYC, like Dino Torino (before he moved south) and Joe Maz, were making big bunker patterns with wig hair before any similar fibers were sold as fly tying material. But one thing is for sure, the hair-weave shops still haven't started blending it with flash, and I don't mind spending a little more to get the pre-blended stuff and spare my living room a flash fuzzballs!

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