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Posted by George Glazener on 2011-08-09 08:03:38

I have made more friends on this board than any one person deserves - thanks Dan.
My “Synthetic Yak hair” post dated 2011-06-21 provided me with answers from Jonny, Henry, Lee, Jay and others about synthetic fly tyin’ material.

Jay sent me some basic gray, chartreuse and white wig hair and the website info on the label took me straight to the manufacturer! I discovered that synthetic wig hair is available at local beauty supply stores, used for ladies hair extensions, braids, etc.
I discovered textures that were likely the source for EP fiber, slinky, kinky, silky fine, course, translucent, neon, etc ….. you name it.
Looks like fly shop fiber to me except for cost. One hank will last a lifetime!

My research answered my original question about natural yak hair and synthetic.
I choose synthetic for large and small flies - better action in the water for my flies – yours may be different.

Thanks to all for your help.

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