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Posted by Bob Valko on 2011-08-09 01:24:17 in reply to Advice for a 2-Handed Overhead Rod posted by Steve A on 2011-08-08 15:22:09

I have both the TFO switch (5/6) for lighter salt work, and the Sage TCX 6 Switch which is MUCH faster. I'd have to say I like the recovery of the Sage much better in the surf for general purpose THOH casting.

If you're going to target stripers specifically (ala Loren's CAFF article) you'll want a heavier, and fast rod. I haven't cast the Beulah's so I can't speak to them, but the TCX is a very enjoyable rod to cast in the surf, with very fast action, and tons of power to punch into the wind that seems to always be blowing from somewhere :). I'm looking at the TCX 8wt spey for a dedicated beach striper rod. I think the Z-Axis two-hand rods are very THOH friendly too, and know a couple guys who use that regularly as a striper rod.

I love my TFO, especially when targeting perch specifically. It is very enjoyable when I'm throwing small stuff, but it wallows when you get a breeze and big flies on the line - becoming a bit too much work.

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