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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2011-08-08 17:02:36

Fishing Report
Truckee River
The Truckee is in great shape from Lake Tahoe all the way through Reno. For the first time this year the entire river is fishable, Wade able and in great shape. Now is the time to come to town if you want to fish the Truckee River.
California – All of the Reservoirs have been stabilized and the flows coming out of the major tributaries are being controlled now. Flows coming out of the lake at Tahoe City are at 273 CFS. The up-side is that there is enough water in the upper river to fish. The down-side is that the water coming out of Lake Tahoe comes off the top and can be a little warmer than other sources. Mornings and Evenings are going to be the time to fish the Truckee while it stays warm probably through the month of August.
Dead Drifting Crawfish patterns and golden Stoneflies with a smaller dropper like a Caddis or a Little Yellow Stone for nymphing is a good way to go. Use enough weight to get your flies down to the fish. You should start to see some fish in faster water where there is more oxygen. There are still some Caddis and Little Yellow Stones hatching in the evenings as well.
Nevada – The Truckee has come down about 200 CFS in the past week. It is in Mid-Summer form now even though it is still a little high. The river has really cleared up and looks great. It has also been stocked recently around all the normal spots and has been fishing great.
Flows on the Truckee – Truckee 273 CFS, Boca Bridge 575 CFS, Farad 677 CFS, Mogul 514 CFS, Reno 579 CFS.
Little Truckee River
Flows have come down to 208 CFS. These flows are great. The issue is they have almost been cut in half in the past week. The fish in the Little Truckee are spending a lot of time trying to get comfortable in their new surroundings right now. It should stabilize very soon and the fishing should get better. It has been tough over the past couple of weeks with all of the changes to the flows and lack of hatching bugs.
East Walker River
Flows are down to 276 on the East Walker. These are great summertime flows. The only issue is they have been fluctuating often due to irrigation. Only 5 days ago the flows were over 600 CFS. If the flows stay at the current levels, it could get really good going forward. These are great flows for dry dropper set-ups. Use a big Hopper or Golden Stone dry and drop off a size 16 Caddis or something similar. If you are fishing with someone you can rig up one dry fly rig and one nymph rig and take turns in each run. Start off fishing the Big Dry in slower water and seems and then dive right in with a couple of nymphs. Have a 2nd option on a place to fish in case the water levels change again.
East Carson River
Flows are down to 501 CFS. The East Carson is the closest thing we have to a freestone river in our area. What that means is there is not much control on the flows. Most of the water in the East Carson comes from creeks, springs and natural run off. More of the snowpack is gone now and the East Carson should continue to gradually drop. Although later than normal, this is what happens every year. It is still a little high but fishable. The next couple of months should be really good on the East Carson. You can fish it a lot like the East Walker going forward.
Davis Lake
It is starting to get really warm at Davis. The lake is pretty shallow even with it being a little higher this year. Mornings and evenings are really the only time to fish it right now. Fish are scattered and can be found in a variety of places. They will not stay in the shallows too long in the mornings. Fishing faster sinking lines in 8-15 feet of water with a Wooly Bugger and a Snail dropper is a good way to start.
Frenchman’s is a much deeper lake than Davis. The water stays a little cooler especially with a little wind to break up the surface temps. The fly fishing has been really good for the past three weeks or so. In the mornings fish can be found cruising the shallows searching for Damsels, Callabaetis and Midges. You can even fish to them from the shore. As the morning wears on they move out into the channels and drop-offs in 5-15 feet of water. Stripping snails and Damsels with a sink tip or a type two sinking line has been really effective. If there is a little chop on the water hanging some nymphs under an indicator about 8-10 feet down is also working well. The fish in Frenchman’s are really healthy and strong for their size. Most of the fish are in the 13-16 inch range but fight like a fish that is 16-20 inches.
Lassen Meadows Ranch
We are now taking bookings for Lassen Meadows for the fall season. The Ranch will officially re-open for the fall in September and should fish really well until at least the middle of October. 775.742.1754 –
Smith Creek Ranch
Smith Creek will also re-open for the fall season in September. There was a ton of water in the Desatoya’s this year and this fall should be awesome. There will be plenty of cool water for the fish. 775.742.1754 –

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